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Mythology Biopoem

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Here is my Biopoem for the participation task in the Mythology Module. I chose Athena because she's bad ass. Plain and simple.


1. Greek name: Pallas Athena (more commonly known as Athena) 

2. Four traits of character: Intelligent, victorious, protective, and independent.

3. Relative of: Daughter of Zeus and Metis

4. Lover of: War and knowledge. She admired many of the Greek heroes, but Athena was independent. She rejects sexuality, marriage, and motherhood. 

5. Who feels: Indifference towards men and compassion for the suffering community.

6. Who needs: A spear and shield to protect her in battle

7. Who fears: Not much as a warrior Goddess. Some scholars believe she did not want to be forgotten and that she did not want for her temples to be defiled.

8. Who gives: The olive tree, protection to Athens, and useful tools and instruments such as the plow, the rake, the lyre, and the trumpet.

9. Who would like to see: Victory and right done by the heroes of olympus as well as those who were suffering.

10. Resident of: Mount Olympus

11. Roman Name: Minerva