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Module 7 - Poetry - Dr. McVerry's Video Response

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  1. What are emotions and ideas shown in poetry?
    When I think of poetry, some emotions and ideas that immediately come to mind for me are the feelings produced by romantic love, heartbreak, unequal treatment,  mental illness, death/tragedy, and probably others. These emotions may include thrill, joy, utter despair, loneliness, anger, etc. Some ideas in poetry include  metaphorical comparisons (eg. comparing "love to a summer's day") and writing from different perspectives to draw on a larger meaning.

  2. What emotions or ideas make for bad poems?

I honestly cannot think of an emotion or idea that makes for a bad poem. The beautiful thing about poetry is that it caters to self-expression. Therefore,  the writer's personal ideas and feelings can not be identified as either correct or incorrect, good or bad. While I might not enjoy reading a poem about football, as an idea, I can still appreciate the writer's artistic license and expression within that license.

  1. Write a poem based on the picture

Convoluted warrior, too complex to follow.

You stand there tall, because you were told to.

With obedience as sharp as broken glass, often times, innocence cannot see all of the shards.

Your eyes are big

And your hands are small.

I hope this world is not one that hardens you.

I hope, one day, you may have a childhood;

That your worries may fit between the walls of a bathtub

And your dreams the walls of the universe.

I only wish we could speak about these terms

With alphabet-soup words,

Because that is what you deserve.


Never lose sight of your imagination, young friend.

Your eyes may be big

And your hands may be small,

But if you can outstretch the length of your arm to the sky

And pinch a cotton candy cloud between index finger and thumb,

I promise, if you truly believe,  you can taste the sweetness.